Lou Costello Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Wiki, Family 2023

What is Lou Costello Net Worth?

Lou Costello was a famous American actor and comedian. When he passed away in 1959, he had a net worth of $250,000, which is equivalent to $2.3 million in today’s money after accounting for inflation. Both Lou and his comedy partner, Bud Abbott, earned a tremendous amount of money during their careers, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. However, due to extravagant spending, poor tax planning, and financial mismanagement, their net worths significantly decreased by the end of their lives.

Lou Costello was born in March 1906 in Patterson, New Jersey. He was widely recognized as one-half of the comedy duo Abbott and Costello, alongside Bud Abbott. Costello entertained audiences through various mediums, including radio, television, film, and theater. He portrayed the funny, clumsy character, while Abbott played the serious role.

Lou Costello appeared in numerous films such as “One Night in the Tropics,” “Buck Privates,” “In the Navy,” “Ride ‘Em Cowboy,” “Who Done It?,” “It Ain’t Hay,” “Here Come the Co-Eds,” “Abbott and Costello in Hollywood,” “Little Giant,” “The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap,” “The Noose Hangs High,” “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and many more. He also starred in television series, including “The Colgate Comedy Hour” and “The Abbott and Costello Show.” For his contributions, Lou Costello received three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, representing his work in motion pictures, television, and radio. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 52 on March 3, 1959, due to a heart attack.

Lou Costello Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Wiki, Family 2023

Lou Costello’s Biography

There was an actor and comedian who acted in a funny show called Abbott and Costello. He played a character who was overweight and not very smart. He became famous for a comedy routine called ‘Who’s On First?’ which he performed in a movie called One Night In The Tropics in the year 1940.

In January 1934, he got married to a woman named Anne Battler. His youngest daughter, Chris, wrote a book about his life called Lou’s On First in the year 1981. His daughter Carole was married to the son of a famous singer named Dean Martin.

Lou Costello’s Early Life

Louis Francis Cristillo was born on March 6, 1906, in Paterson, New Jersey. His father, Sebastiano Cristillo, worked as a silk weaver and insurance sales agent, while his mother, Helen Rege, had Italian, French, and Irish ancestry. Louis was a talented athlete and attended Public School in Paterson. He excelled in basketball and won the free-throw championship in his city twice. Louis even showed off his basketball skills in a movie called Here Come the Co-Eds (1945), where he performed impressive trick shots. Additionally, he pursued boxing under the name Lou King.

Quick Facts

Full NameLouis Francis Cristillo
Stage NameLou Costello
Date of BirthMarch 6, 1906
Place of BirthPaterson, New Jersey, United States
Date of DeathMarch 3, 1959
Place of DeathEast Los Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionComedian, actor
Famous forAbbott and Costello comedy duo
PartnerBud Abbott
Comedy StyleSlapstick, wordplay, physical comedy
Film Debut“One Night in the Tropics” (1940)
Most Famous Films“Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” (1948), “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy” (1955)
Popular Catchphrase“Hey, Abbott!”
Radio Show“The Abbott and Costello Show” (1942-1949)
Signature CharactersLou Costello played a bumbling, dimwitted character
Military ServiceServed in the U.S. Army during World War II
Hollywood Walk of Fame StarInducted in 1960 for contributions to the motion picture industry
Notable AwardsNominated for an Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actor” for “The Time of Their Lives” (1946)
Favorite Baseball TeamBrooklyn Dodgers
TV AppearancesRegular guest on “The Ed Sullivan Show”
Vocal TalentKnown for his distinct high-pitched voice
Personal TragedySon, Lou Costello Jr., drowned at the age of 14
Health IssuesBattled weight problems and suffered from heart ailments
Charitable ContributionsDonated his time and money to various charities and organizations
LegacyConsidered one of the greatest comedy duos in history
InfluenceInspired numerous comedians and actors
Posthumous HonorsInducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2012
Cultural ImpactAbbott and Costello’s comedy routines are still referenced and imitated today
Lasting PopularityFilms and TV shows featuring Abbott and Costello continue to be enjoyed by new generations

Lou Costello’s Career

Costello greatly admired Charlie Chaplin, a famous comedian known for his silent films. In 1927, Costello made his way to Hollywood, hoping to become an actor. However, he struggled to find acting opportunities and ended up working as a laborer or extra at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Hal Roach Studios. Due to his athletic abilities, he occasionally worked as a stuntman, notably in the film The Trail of ’98 (1928). You can even spot him sitting at ringside in the Laurel and Hardy movie The Battle of the Century (1927). Costello chose his professional name, Costello, inspired by the actress Helene Costello. It’s worth noting that his brother Anthony (Pat) had already been using the name in his career as a professional musician.

Bud Abbott Net Worth

Bud Abbott, an American actor, had a net worth of $50 thousand when he passed away in 1974. In today’s money, after adjusting for inflation, that would be around $260 thousand. At one time, Abbott’s net worth was significantly higher. However, by the time of his death, he stated that he had very little money left. Bud Abbott was most famous for his role as the serious character in the comedy duo Abbott and Costello, alongside Lou Costello.

Lou Costello Cause of Death

Lou Costello, a famous comedian, passed away on March 3, 1959, lou costello death cause due to a heart attack when he was 52 years old. He passed away at Doctors Hospital in Beverly Hills, California, in the United States.

Lou Costello Net Worth at time of Death

How much money did Lou Costello make from his job as an actor and comedian? Lou Costello was an American actor and comedian who had a total wealth of $250,000 when he passed away in 1959. In today’s money, after considering inflation, that would be equal to $2.3 million.

Lou Costello Height and Weight

Lou Costello is 5 feet 5 inches tall. We don’t have information about his weight at the moment, but we will update it soon.

Lou Costello Wife

Based on the information we have, Lou Costello is married to Anne Battler. As of January 12, 2023, Lou Costello is not in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Lou Costello’s Earnings from Movies

Lou Costello, whose real name was Louis Francis Cristillo, was born in Paterson, New Jersey. His parents were Helen and Sebastiano Cristillo. His father came from Calabria, Italy, while his mother had Italian, French, and Irish ancestry. Lou grew up in Paterson but left high school to pursue a career in the film industry. He started as a carpenter at MGM and Warner Bros. studios and later worked as a stuntman. Eventually, he found success in vaudeville as a comedian. In 1931, while performing in Brooklyn, Lou’s regular comedy partner fell ill, and Bud Abbott, who was working as a theater cashier, stepped in to replace him. The two formed a comedy team and worked together in burlesque, minstrel shows, vaudeville, and movie theaters throughout the 1930s. In 1938, they gained national recognition through the Kate Smith Hour radio show and subsequently signed a contract with Universal Pictures the following year.

Their breakout film was “One Night in the Tropics” in 1940, but their major success came with “Buck Privates” in 1941, co-starring The Andrews Sisters. The movie became a huge hit, earning $10 million on a modest budget of $180,000. In 1942, they were voted as the top Hollywood stars. Abbott and Costello also had their own radio show, which aired on ABC from 1941 to 1946 and then on NBC from 1946 to 1949. They further expanded their success with “The Abbott and Costello Show” on television in 1952.

After World War II, their movie formula shifted, often featuring encounters with monsters or exotic locations. However, in 1957, the comedy duo parted ways due to financial troubles, including issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Lou Costello made appearances on a few television shows and starred in the movie “The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock,” which was released a few months after his death in 1959.

Lou Costello’s Education

Lou Costello went to Public School 15 in Paterson for his studies.

Lou Costello’s Occupation

Lou Costello had many different jobs. He was a comedian, which means he made people laugh. He was also an actor, which means he acted in movies and TV shows. He was a television personality, which means he appeared on TV and became famous. Lastly, he was a producer, which means he helped make movies and TV shows.

Lou Costello’s Family

Lou Costello had a family. His father’s name was Sebastiano Cristillo, and he worked as a silk weaver and insurance sales agent. His mother’s name was Helen Rege. Lou Costello had siblings too. His older brother’s name was Anthony Sebastian Cristillo, but people called him Pat Costello. He was an actor, musician, producer, and even a stunt double. Lou Costello also had a younger sister named Marie Katherine Cristillo. Other important people in his family were his grandparents: Angiolantonio Cristillo and Catarina Tartaglione on his father’s side, and Louis C. Rege and Mary Tuohy on his mother’s side. Lou Costello had a sister-in-law named Mary Costello, who was married to his brother Pat. He also had a brother-in-law named Ignazio “Nat” Curcuruto, who was married to his sister Marie. Nat Curcuruto was known by his stage name Joe Kirk and worked as a radio, film, and television actor. Lou Costello’s daughter Carole was married to a man named Craig Martin. Lastly, Lou Costello had a granddaughter named Marki Costello, who became an actor, director, and producer.

Lou Costello’s Net Worth

When Lou Costello passed away, his money and possessions were worth $250 Thousand, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com. Build Lou Costello had an average build, which means he was not too tall or too short and had a normal body size.

Lou Costello’s Salary

From 1940 to 1956, the duo worked together to create 36 movies. During this time, their films were incredibly successful, earning over $120 million at the box office. In today’s money, that would be around $1.8 billion. In the beginning, they divided their earnings with a 60-40 split, with Abbott receiving the larger share. They later experimented with a 50-50 split, but eventually settled on a 60-40 split, favoring Costello, for most of their time in Hollywood. Just from their films, the duo reportedly earned about $25 million, which would be equivalent to $360 million in today’s money, or $180 million for each of them.

Lou Costello’s Finances

Unfortunately, as the 1950s rolled around, their careers started to decline, and they faced financial difficulties with the IRS. The IRS decided to revoke $500,000 in tax exemptions that Abbott had previously received, which forced him to sell his house and end his early retirement. Costello experienced a similar situation. Both of them had to sell their mansions and the rights to many of their most popular films in order to pay off their debts.

Lou Costello’s Nationality, religion & political views

People often wonder about Lou Costello’s ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race. To find out, we can refer to public resources like IMDb and Wikipedia. According to these sources, Lou Costello’s ethnicity is listed as “Not Known.” As for his religion and political views, we don’t have that information yet, but we will update this article with any new details in the coming days. So, make sure to check back again later!

Lou Costello’s Age, and Birthday Info

Lou Costello, a famous entertainer, was born on March 6, 1906, in Paterson, New Jersey, United States. Currently, he would have been 53 years old. Lou Costello’s next birthday will be on March 6, 2024.

FAQs about Lou Costello:

What were Lou Costello’s most famous roles?

Lou Costello’s most famous roles were as one half of the comedy duo Abbott and Costello. Some of their most notable films include “Buck Privates” (1941), “Hold That Ghost” (1941), “Who’s on First?” (1945), and “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” (1948). These films showcased their unique brand of slapstick humor and wordplay, which resonated with audiences worldwide.

How did Lou Costello become famous?

Lou Costello’s rise to fame began when he teamed up with Bud Abbott in the early 1930s. They started performing together in vaudeville and gradually transitioned to radio, where they gained a substantial following. Their comedic talent, chemistry, and successful radio appearances led them to Hollywood, where they starred in a series of popular films, establishing them as one of the greatest comedy duos of all time.

What was Lou Costello’s comedic style?

Lou Costello was known for his physical comedy, exaggerated facial expressions, and fast-paced delivery. He often played the hapless, bumbling character, while Abbott portrayed the straight man. Costello’s timing and ability to create humorous situations through his actions and reactions made him a comedic genius. His catchphrase, “I’m a baaaaad boy!” became iconic, and his comedic style continues to inspire comedians and entertain audiences decades after his passing.


Lou Costello, born on March 6, 1906, was an American comedian and actor best known as one half of the comedy duo Abbott and Costello. Alongside his partner, Bud Abbott, Costello achieved great success in radio, film, and television, becoming one of the most popular comedy teams in the 1940s and 1950s. Known for his exaggerated facial expressions, physical comedy, and fast-talking style, Costello’s comedic timing and chemistry with Abbott made them beloved figures in the entertainment industry. Lou Costello’s legacy as a comedic genius continues to influence and entertain audiences to this day.

Wikipedia source: Lou Costello

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