What Is SSSniperwolf’s Net Worth?

A British-American YouTube personality with a net worth of $16 million, SSSniperWolf is also known as Lia Wolf. SSSniperWolf is a YouTube star known for gaming videos, reaction videos, DIY videos, commentary, and cosplay. Currently, she has more than 33 million subscribers on YouTube, where her videos have generated more than 22 billion views. Youtube-tracking platform Tubefilter reported that SSSniperWolf had 125 million views in one July 2020 week alone. As a result, she became one of YouTube’s ten most-viewed personalities. Lia has landed endorsement deals and partnerships from dozens of brands, including EA, Disney, and Ubisoft, and she has 5.5 million Instagram followers. In 2013, Wolf wrote, edited, and starred in the YouTube series “SSSniperWolf,” and in 2017, she hosted the game show “Clickbait.” Also Check: Logan Paul Net Worth 2023

SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023 (Updated)


SSSniperwolf, also known as Lia Wolf, is a British/American YouTube personality with over $6 million in earnings. She is one of the most popular and highest-paid YouTube stars in the world. Currently, she has more than 31 million subscribers on YouTube, and her videos have generated more than 8 billion views.

In one week in July 2020 alone, SSSniperWolf earned 200,000 new subscribers and had 125 million video views, according to YouTube tracking platform Tube Filter. This made her one of YouTube’s top 10 most-viewed personalities. Her channel and brand have grown to such heights that she has partnered with companies like EA, Disney, and Ubisoft. Firstly, let’s take a look at some basic information about her before diving into her career and success.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Alia Marie Shelesh
Popular Name:SSSniperwolf
Birth Date:October 22 1992
Age:30 years
Siblings:Rayna Lasagna (Sister) and two younger brothers named Bakir and Paul 
Birth Place:Liverpool, United Kingdom
Education:High- School – dropped out of college
Marital Status:Single
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Net Worth:$16 million
Source of Wealth:Gamer and YouTuber


In Liverpool, England, SSSniperWolf was born Alia Marie Shelesh on October 22, 1992. She is the daughter of a Turkish mother and a Greek father. He grew up with two younger brothers, Paul and Bakir, and a younger sister, Rayna. Unfortunately, Bakir died while bodyboarding in Hawaii in August 2022. Lia’s family spoke Arabic and English when she was growing up. After graduating from high school early, Wolf studied to become a pharmacist before switching her major to nursing as an adult. She dropped out of college before earning a degree, and she expressed an interest in studying game design at Florida’s Full Sail University.


In 2011, Wolf launched the YouTube channel “sexysexysniper,” which has 50,000 subscribers. When she deleted that channel in 2013, she created SSSniperWolf, which was based on the character Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid, her favorite childhood video game. In January 2015, “SSSniperWolf” reached 1 million subscribers, and by 2022, it had 33 million. As of late September 2017, 1 billion videos had been viewed on the channel, and that number had reached 20 billion by July 2022. Wolf’s videos have primarily been TikTok and reaction videos since 2017. Her YouTube channel, “Little Lia,” features baking videos, makeup tutorials, fashion videos, and arts & crafts videos. Currently, the channel has 3.94 million subscribers and more than 635 million views. As herself, Wolf has also appeared in Dhar Mann videos and in the film “Haunting of the Game Master Network” from 2021.

Gaming career

Her foray into content creation began in 2011 with a YouTube channel named “SexySexysniper.” After gaining 50,000 subscribers, she started SSSniperWolf in 2013. Her content has evolved over the years from gaming to reaction videos, TikTok compilations, and challenge videos. 

In addition to Call of Duty and Halo, Lia plays Overwatch, Until Dawn, Evil Within, and Destiny. Sssniperwolf has over a billion views on YouTube and it’s still growing.

SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023 (Updated)

Fun Facts

  • She is a Libra
  • The number of her life path is 8
  • She was born in the Monkey year
  • Tourmaline and Opal are her birthstones
  • Marigolds are her birth flower

Interesting Facts

  • Video games have been a part of SSSniperWolf’s life since an early age.
  • Also, SSSniperWolf does the Martha Stewart thing.
  • SSSniperWolf went ten years without seeing a doctor.
  • Dropped out of college, SSSniperWolf.
  • She’s in an on-and-off relationship with another YouTuber.
  • On Twitter, SSSniperWolf asked Pornhub to follow her so she could direct message them.
  • In August 2016, SSSniperWolf told her followers she had been arrested because of an out-of-control domestic altercation. “Laughing at my picture, neighbors called the police because they heard yelling,” she wrote.
  • Her first cosplay was Dragon Ball Z.
  • SSSniperwolf’s main YouTube channel was launched in 2012 and has over 17.9 million subscribers.
  • She was ranked among Forbes’ top gaming influencers in 2017.

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Personal Life

Besides YouTube, SSSniperwolf has other hobbies. She has two dogs named Kuz and Tuna. She also loves cars, and has a Chevrolet and several Mercedes Benz, like a Mercedes S550 Coupe and an AMG G63. Currently, she’s single, but she used to date another YouTuber named Evan Sausage. First they became friends, then they started dating. In fact, they bought a house together and moved in together. There was a lot of drama and controversy in their relationship. They were in an on-and-off relationship for years. Lia even admitted in a 2016 video that they were arrested for armed robbery in 2013. That said, Lia made her first video about Evan in 2015 when she talked about how she met Sausage. Evan actually catfished her with another photo when they met online. She didn’t like what she saw until she saw his face, but when she did, she liked it because she likes guys with beards. They broke up in 2016 but got back together later that year, then broke up again after a few months. They were on-again, off-again for years. They were still in photos together as recently as 2019. There haven’t been any recent updates about them, so fans think they’re no longer together. Nobody knows how long this will last.

SSSniperwolf Personal Life

Honors and nominations

Lia won a Diamond Creator Award – YouTube Creator Reward at the YouTube Creator Awards in 2019. Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Gamer in 2019 and 2020, and Teen Choice Awards for Choice Gamer in 2019.

Real Estate

Wolf and Young bought a 4,999 square foot home in Henderson, Nevada, for $2.9 million in 2019. It had three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a bar, a gourmet kitchen, and an infinity pool, and they sold it for $4 million in February 2022. Lia and Evan bought a 2.25-acre lot on Mummy Mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona, in August 2022.

Income sources for SSSniperWolf

Shelesh makes most of her $16 million valuation from YouTube and AdSense, brand endorsements, and sponsored content on social media. Shelesh also earns some money from tips and donations from her viewers. Also Check: MrBeast

YouTube income

Through AdSense, SSSniperWolf earns anywhere between $116,000 and $1 million every month, and anywhere between $1.4 and $22.4 million annually.

NetworthFlix estimates SSSniperWolf earns $16 million a year from her channel’s AdSense since she gets over 255.53 million views a month. The SSSniperWolf YouTube channel can make an estimated $1.02 million a month in ad revenue based on $3-$7 per thousand views, totaling $15.33 million a year. This, however, is a conservative estimate, and the real number could be as high as $27.6 million.


Shelesh has her own line of merchandise, Wolf Pack, with T-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases.


Alia has a $16 million net worth, so it’s safe to say she lives the high life. Her boyfriend Evan Sausage and she bought this 5,000 square foot 3 bedroom home in MacDonald Highlands for $2.9 million. According to AutoBizz, Alia has quite a collection of cars in her garage including a Chevrolet Corvette ($60,995), a Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 ($156,000), and a Mercedes S550 Coupe ($120,825).

FAQs About SSSniperWolf

How much money does SSSniperWolf make?

According to Networthflix, SSSniper Wolf has a net worth of $16 million and makes over $11 million per year.

What does SSSniperWolf mean?

Originally, Shelesh’s YouTube name SSSniperWolf came from one of her favorite games, Metal Gear Solid, which features Sniper Wolf as one of the main antagonists. Several times, Shelesh denied that the SS in her name had anything to do with World War Two Germany. It doesn’t mean anything to her.

Why are SSSniperWolf and Keemstar not on good terms?

Keemstar called Shelesh out for ghosting a 10-year-old with terminal cancer. Apparently, the fan had dreamt of meeting her, which did not occur, and this ultimately led to Keemstar publicly calling Shelesh a “piece of shit.” After meeting the fan, Shelesh cited the time zone difference as the reason for the delay. Following the meeting, she made a donation of $5,000 to a GoFundMe account created by a fan.


SSSsniperwolf, also known as Lia, is a popular YouTuber and internet personality. In 2023, her net worth is estimated to be quite high. This means that she has earned a lot of money from her online career. SSSsniperwolf has worked hard to create entertaining content and has gained a large following of fans. Her success shows that with dedication and creativity, anyone can achieve their goals and find success doing what they love.

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