Kat Cole Net Worth 2023

What is Kat Cole Net Worth?

Kat Cole is an American businesswoman and the former president and chief operating officer of Focus Brands, which owns Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s, Carvel, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Auntie Anne’s. Cole first entered the financial services industry at the age of 17 and quickly established a successful track record in sales and operations. She rose to prominence her landmark transformation of the Cinnabon brand and the incredible success of its business model. Cole has been praised for her leadership and strategic vision. Cole’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be somewhere between $75 million and $100 million. Her numerous investments in business ventures have earned her considerable wealth over the years. Additionally, she has founded a number of her own business ventures, including The Open Bag, a digital products company. Cole is also an investor in early-stage technology companies, and her strategic investments have seen her make impressive returns. Moreover, her wide range of corporate directorships, such as Baxter International and Parsons, coupled with her knowledge and experience with investments have seen her assets grow to a considerable amount. Cole also earns a substantial salary from her various corporate roles, having previously headed major organizations such as Cinnabon and Focus Brands. Cole also serves as the chief operating and marketing officer for Hooters, the world’s largest chain of restaurants.


Kat Cole is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the chief executive officer of Cinnabon, Inc. and serves as a board member on several corporate boards. She is a keynote speaker and a contributor to Forbes. Cole attended the University of North Florida, graduating with a degree in Business Administration. She also attended the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University for her MBA. After graduation, she began her professional career as general manager of Hooters of America. At Hooters, Cole successfully managed its multi-billion-dollar international growth and new brand initiatives. Later, she joined Cinnabon as its Global President. In 2006 she was appointed President of FOCUS Brands International, Inc., the parent company of Cinnabon. In 2011, she became the Chief Executing Officer of Cinnabon and has since tried to position the brand as a lifestyle brand. Cole is also a board director for Panera Bread and Burger King Worldwide, and serves as an advisor to several start-up companies. In 2018, Kat was honored as a 2018 Mindful Leader by Mindful Magazine, among other honors and recognitions she has received. Cole has appeared on numerous television programs, including Bloomberg Television, MSNBC, and in two documentaries: “Cinnabon’s Sweet Success” by New York Times Magazine and “Kat Cole’s Journey” by Atlanta Magazine. In the show The Profit, Cole turned a failing company into a success. Cole’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be in the millions. She continues to grow her career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur and her influence will continue to reach far.

Quick check on Kat Cole and Her networth

Celebrated Name:Kat Cole
Real Name/Full Name:Katrina Cole
CategoryRichest Business, CEOs
Age:44 years old
Birth Date:18 March 1978
Birth Place:Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Height:1.75 m
Weight:59 Kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
SpouseDaley Ervin (m. 2016)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes
Dating/Boyfriend (Name):N/A
Is Kat Cole Lesbian?:No
Profession:Chief operating officer of Focus Brands
Net Worth in 2023:$100 million
Last Updated:May 23, 2023

Early Life

Kat Cole was born in 1975 in Waynesville, North Carolina. She was born into a working-class family and had a difficult childhood. Her father struggled to provide the family with a stable income and her mother was unable to cope with her illness and therefore was unable to care for the family and support Kat in any way. As a result, Kat was sent off to live with an aunt in West Virginia at the age of 10. Kat worked hard to make the most of her situation and take advantage of any opportunities that came her way. She first landed a job at a steakhouse at the age of 15, where she worked her way up the ranks. As a server, she quickly learned the importance of customer service and the value of hard work. This experience in hospitality opened the door to other opportunities and Kat eventually found her way to the corporate ladder. At age 20, she held the position of district manager in a casual dining chain in Florida, which was an incredible accomplishment for someone so young. Kat then continued to rise up the corporate ladder, serving in various positions such as Director of Brand Management and Senior Vice President of Strategy for companies such as Red Lobster, Cinnabon, and Pizza Hut. In 2011, at age 36, she became the CEO of Cinnabon, making her one of the youngest female chief executives in the US. Kat Cole’s incredible rise to success is a testament to her determination and hard work. She overcame a difficult childhood and used her passion for customer service, hard work, and ambition to achieve incredible success. In addition to her professional career, Kat is also an author and public speaker, sharing her story and experiences to inspire others.


Kat Cole is an inspiring and accomplished American businessperson and philanthropist, known for her brand leadership, bold and creative approaches to strategic problem solving and organic business growth. Over the past two decades, she has made her mark on the C-Suite with a flair for culture and a focus on analytics. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Kat Cole is currently the Group President and Chief Operating Officer of FOCUS Brands Inc., the parent company to popular franchised restaurants such as Cinnabon, Carvel, Auntie Anne’s and Schlotzsky’s. She is also the Chairman of the FOCUS Brands Global Advisory Board. Earlier in her career, Cole held a lead role as the President of Global Brands and Innovation at Cinnabon for seven years, and served as the chain’s Executive Vice President, Chief Cultural Officer, and Vice President of Customers. Prior to her tenure at FOCUS Brands, Cole held notable positions at United Airlines, where she served as Vice President of Operations and In-Flight, and eventually became their youngest Vice President ever appointed. Similarly, as a Senior Executive at Hooters, Cole made news when she became the company’s youngest Division President of the company at the young age of 28. Throughout her career, Cole has earned many awards and honors for her innovative leadership and contributions to the industry. In 2016, she was recognized with a Glass Ceiling Award from the Federal Reserve Bank and Ernst & Young. Cole was also featured in numerous worldwide media outlets for her famous “build people, build brands” philosophy, which prioritizes teamwork, communication and ownership. In addition, she was named to “Fortune” magazine’s “40 Under 40” list. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Cole is an active philanthropist, having recently founded Thrive, a collective impact initiative focused on serving high-need Atlanta communities. Through this initiative, Cole has successfully coordinated an expansive network of over 40 public, private and corporate-level partners in order to foster positive change in Georgia’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Today, Cole continues to be a force of change in the business world, amplifying her message and inspiring millions with her ambitious and fearless leadership. By utilizing her background at Fortune 500 companies, she is paving the way for the new generation of forward-thinking business people.

Kat Cole Net Worth 2023

Kat Cole’s Height, Age , and Weight

Born on March 18, 1978, Kat Cole is a forward-thinking, innovative businesswoman leading the way in the corporate world. Still young at 44 years of age, she’s vivacious and passionate, and her stoic determination and earnestness in her work have been instrumental in her success. Akin to a model yet also possessing impressive business acumen, it’s no surprise that her statuesque figure, reaching to the heights of 1.75 m, is complemented by her slender and balanced 59 kg weight. Cole has been known to take calculated risks to stay ahead of the curve and help her team succeed. Furthermore, her charisma and non-conformist attitude to problem-solving have been lauded by competitors in her industry. Despite her professional path, Cole is highly family-oriented, with her home being her anchor, providing an invaluable source of rest and a much-needed reboot. Every day is a new opportunity for Kat Cole, and her perfect combination of ambition, intelligence, and resolve drive her further and further. She is determined to encourage the best in the people around her, and now that her star is high and rising, her reach is ever-expanding and the scope of her influence further intensifying.


Kat Cole is a highly respected business leader, who has achieved incredible success in the corporate world. She has a degree in International Business from the University of North Florida, where she graduated with honors in 1994. After graduating, Kat was hired by Hooters as a regional training manager and over the course of a decade, she was promoted to COO of the US and then later to the Global COO of Hooters. At Hooters, Kat quickly made a name for herself, becoming a leader in training, development, and event planning for the organization. Her work was so outstanding, she was nominated by the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce for a Minority Women Entrepreneur Award in 2004. Kat also received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Florida Youth Business Association in 2006 in recognition of her achievements at Hooters. In the same year, she was chosen to join the board of VisionSpring, an international non-profit organization that provides affordable eyeglasses to people in economically disadvantaged countries. Kat has built on her academic and early professional success over the years, expanding her scope of influence in the corporate world. For instance, she had the opportunity to study international business at the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as core business topics at Harvard Business School. She has participated in the State Department’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Idea Exchange and has been a judge at the United Nations Global Fair for Women. Additionally, Kat has served on the executive leadership team at Focus Brands and was a member of the board of directors for GEMS Education. She currently serves as the president and CEO of Focus Brands. In honor of her tremendous achievements, Kat was named one of Barron’s 25 Most Influential Women in Global Wealth (2015), Crain’s 25 Notable Women in Leadership (2020), and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list (2014). Kat Cole’s impressive educational background, along with her experience and leadership roles, have continually elevated her throughout her career. As she continues to be an inspiration to women in the corporate world, she serves as a role model to aspiring female business leaders.

Favourite Quotes from Kat Cole

  1. “The biggest opportunities come from being bold, going after something, despite all the warnings and reasons why it can’t or won’t work.”
    Kat Cole’s approach to life is all about taking chances. She is an advocate of embracing risk and not letting your fear of failure stop you from going after something you desire. This quote speaks to the spirit of an entrepreneur, of working hard and pushing through despite any odds that may come your way.
  2. “You can have all the bravado in the world and the drive and passion to push forward — but if you don’t have humility to learn and respect and serve others, you will fail.”
    Cole understands that it takes more than just ambition and enthusiasm to succeed. Real success comes from being humble and showing respect to everyone around you — whether it’s your co-workers, your customers, or those you aim to lead. Having humility gives you the courage to take risks and ask for help when you need it.
  3. “You don’t really move up in the world, and you don’t get ahead without developing and investing in relationships.”
    Cole knows that networking is at the core of all business success. Building and nurturing relationships with people in your industry is key to unlocking opportunities that you may not have been aware of otherwise. It is important to connect with people in meaningful ways, and focus on building strong relationships that will help you to grow and succeed.


Kat Cole is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and trailblazer in the restaurant industry. She first became well known for her role as the President and COO of Hooters of America, a subsidiary of Hooters Inc. that is responsible for franchising, training, and marketing. At a young age, Kat Cole realized she needed to stand out in order to reach her goals. She achieved her bachelor’s degree from Nova Southeastern University and then moved to New York to pursue a career in the hospitality business at the age of 21. It was at Hooters that she got her start. At Hooters of America, Cole successfully grew franchise operations by 20%, increased franchisee profitability by 10%, and oversaw $1 billion in franchise ownership. She worked to reposition the Hooters brand and diversify its menu offerings. Cole also helped create the company’s first “HootCamp,” a training program that helps franchisees develop and implement successful business practices. Under Cole’s leadership, Hooters achieved a record-breaking year of sales, grew its restaurant-level profits, and opened over 100 new locations. She was also instrumental in developing the company’s philanthropic arm, Hooters Community Outreach, which focuses on helping to support local charities. Cole’s immense success at Hooters enabled her to transition to a larger role within the company in the role of Group President of Focus Brands. With this position, Cole has led the development and implementation of strategies that have successfully driven increased restaurant-level profit margins, brand-driven growth, and consumer loyalty across the larger company. Kat Cole is an outstanding example of success in the restaurant industry, and her experience at Hooters is a testament to her ability to build a winning team. She is a leader in the industry who understands that success is built on both hard work and innovative thinking.


Kat Cole is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and revolutionary leader whose name is synonymous with the iconic cinnamon roll brand Cinnabon. Born in the small town of Florida, she loved everything about the food industry from a young age. She was passionate about making food enjoyable and always had a sweet tooth. At the age of 18, she began her career at a Fort Lauderdale-based restaurant and was appointed to the position of general manager at 19. Cole impressed management enough to move her to a corporate management role, giving her the perfect opportunity to prove her worth. Cole rose through the ranks of the company and was soon promoted to President of Cinnabon in 2005. Her arrival to the company was a complete breath of fresh air. She was eager to make changes that would improve the brand’s offerings and bring Cinnabon into a new era of food innovation. She created a host of new menu items, established a vibrant marketing strategy, and integrated the brand into a variety of spaces such as airports and hospitals. Cole knew that the power of technology could help bring the Cinnabon experience to customers practically anywhere. She embraced the digital age and implemented an app and online ordering system which allowed customers the convenience of pre-ordering food orders. This gave customers the power to plan ahead and have all of their orders ready for pickup. Corp also understood that in order to truly make Cinnabon successful, her team had to make a greater emotional connection with their customers. To accomplish this, she focused on making the brand stand out beyond a traditional fast-food offering; providing customers with experiences that felt more like a reward or treat. To that end, she curated special rewards and incentives for customers, integrated Cinnabon into events, and developed a line of consumer products. In the short space of only 5 years with Cinnabon, Kat Cole pushed the brand to become one of the leading food franchises in the United States. Her undeniable passion for the industry and the business has sparked a legacy that will continue to inspire innovators and revolutionaries for many years to come.

Non profitable work

Kat Cole is an incredible leader and entrepreneur who has had an incredible career path. Even though her career accomplishments are quite well known and she has achieved much success throughout the years, she has also done a lot of non-profitable work too. One of the most incredible examples of Kat Cole’s non-profitable work is her time spent volunteering in the community. Kat has volunteered with a number of non-profit organizations as well as participated in many local events. She has contributed her time and energy to help support the work of important local community initiatives and organizations. From mentoring students to running youth empowerment programs, she has dedicated a large amount of her time and energy to help enrich the lives of many. Kat has also been involved in a number of environmental initiatives. She was one of the main organizers behind the launch of the Cinnabon Earth Month Campaign, a corporate environmental initiative designed to promote sustainable living. Additionally, she played a massive role in leading a social media campaign which helped increase the fundraising efforts of the Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection of ocean coastlines and beaches. Kat has also been heavily involved in a number of philanthropic activities. She supports numerous fundraising initiatives, volunteers in schools, and encourages young people to work hard and make dedicated efforts to achieving their goals. She is also involved in the National Association of Female Executives, an organization that seeks to promote the social, economic, and civic advancement of women. Kat Cole’s non-profitable work is inspiring and an example to us all. Her selfless efforts have made a huge difference in the lives of many people and communities around the world, and she is an amazing example of how each of us can give back and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

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When Kat Cole and Daley Ervin first met at a Baltimore social impact event in 2015, something magical was sparked between them and a few months later – they were engaged. This was the beginning of an incredible journey together that eventually led the couple to their fairy-tale wedding in 2016 at the Burning Man festival. People danced and cheered around them, and Kat spoke of the joyous occasion saying: “Having so many people there next to us as we read our wedding vows to each other was a truly wonderful experience. It felt like they weren’t just witnessing our wedding, but also were participating in it.” Now, Kat and Daley share more than just an incredible love story, they are also the proud parents of two wonderful children — their son, Ocean and daughter, Arrow. Even as their family life has blossomed, Kat has still been able to stay active in the philanthropic world. Understanding the importance of helping the next generation of entrepreneurs, she has taken on the role of mentor to many. Furthermore, she has worked on sustainable development projects in Africa and served as a board director of the Women’s Foodservice Forum. In addition, she has chaired of Georgia Restaurant Association’s Executive Committee as well as the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation’s Certification Governing Board. Kat and Daley have accomplished a lot together and it’s only just the beginning. We wish them all the best in any future endeavors.

Awards and Nominations

In 2007, Cole went above and beyond her duties, volunteering for the Women’s Foodservice Forum. Not only did she volunteer her time but also her passion and knowledge, leading to her recognition as the Volunteer of the Year. Then, in 2008, Cole’s devotion to leadership and motivation earned her the Elliot Leadership Institute’s Motivator of the Year award. Year after year, Cole’s good standing in the restaurant industry continued to be recognized as in 2010, she was bestowed the highest honors with the Georgia Restaurant Association’s Crystal of Excellence (GRACE) Award. This prestigious award is reserved for those who display strong leadership, while driving innovative changes in the restaurant industry. This triad of awards is a testament to Cole’s commitment to the restaurant industry, and a concrete validation of the years of dedication and passion she brought into her work. With perseverance, and the constant aiming for excellence, Cole not only beheld these awards, but also paved the path for future volunteers, inspiring them to use their skills and knowledge to help the women’s foodservice in any way possible. It is clear Cole is a shining example for her peers in the restaurant industry, embodying ambition and dedication. This is especially evident in how she continues to expand her involvement in various initiatives in the sector, from research and public relations to advocacy and leadership. Cole’s limitless conviction has been noticed by many, as she continuously striving to make a positive impact on the foodservice industry. No doubt this previously-awarded role model will be honored with more awards in the future.


How did Kat Cole become president of Cinnabon and Focus Brands?

Cole started her career with Cinnabon as a 18-year-old cashier and quickly rose through the ranks to become president of both Cinnabon and Focus Brands.

What type of work does Cole do with the U.S. State Department?

Cole works with the U.S. State Department’s Empowering Women and Girls Through Sustainable Development program, chairing the organization. She also provides mentorship to young entrepreneurs.

What is Cole’s biggest accomplishment?

Cole’s biggest accomplishment is becoming the youngest vice president of a publicly traded company in the United States. She was featured on the national television program “Undercover Boss” in recognition of her success.


Kat Cole is an American businesswoman who has vast experience in restaurant franchise management and hospitality. She is the current president and COO of the Cinnabon and Focus Brands companies. Cole has had many successes throughout her career, such as becoming the youngest vice president of a publicly traded company in the United States and having her story featured on the national television program “Undercover Boss.” Kat Cole has a great story of heroic rise and is committed to growing businesses and mentoring young entrepreneurs. That includes her work chairing the U.S. State Department’s Empowering Women and Girls Through Sustainable Development.

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