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What is Allen Covert Net Worth?

A Multifaceted American Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Producer with a Net Worth of $10 Million In the vast realm of comedy, one name shines brightly: Allen Covert. This multifaceted individual has conquered the entertainment industry with his impeccable talents as a comedian, actor, writer, and producer. With a remarkable net worth of $10 million, Covert’s journey to success is a testament to his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication.

Covert’s path to stardom began at New York University, where he crossed paths with a fellow classmate who would become his lifelong collaborator and friend—Adam Sandler. Little did they know that their meeting would spark a creative partnership that would leave an indelible mark on the world of comedy. As of the time of this writing, Covert boasts an impressive repertoire of over a dozen movies produced by Sandler, making him an integral part of Sandler’s cinematic ventures. Among these memorable films are the likes of “Little Nicky,” “Happy Gilmore,” “The Wedding Singer,” and “Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo.” Covert’s involvement in these projects has been pivotal, shaping them into comedic masterpieces cherished by audiences worldwide.

Beyond his acting prowess, Covert has held a significant executive role at Happy Madison Productions, Adam Sandler’s renowned movie production company. This position has allowed him to contribute his creative insights and managerial expertise, ensuring the success of numerous ventures under the Happy Madison banner. In 2006, Covert took center stage in his own production titled “Grandma’s Boy.” This film not only showcased his exceptional acting skills but also revealed his prowess as a producer and writer. Covert’s involvement in every aspect of the movie’s creation demonstrated his multifaceted talents and solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


Allen Covert, despite growing up amidst the influence of two religions, has chosen a path of neutrality, not aligning himself with any particular faith. In pursuit of his education, Allen Covert attended a high school in his place of birth, the specific location remaining undisclosed. Subsequently, he furthered his studies at New York University, graduating in 1986 with a degree in Theatre. During his time at the university, Allen Covert had the privilege of being classmates with Adam Sandler, a connection that has endured over the years. Throughout their longstanding friendship, Allen Covert has played multifaceted roles as a performer, writer, and producer, contributing to almost every movie and comedy album released by Adam Sandler.

Early Life and Cultural Influences

Growing up in West Palm Beach, Covert was exposed to a rich tapestry of cultures and beliefs. The amalgamation of his Jewish heritage and his mother’s Southern Baptist background instilled in him a unique perspective on life, fostering an open-mindedness that would later become a defining trait in his artistic endeavors. This fusion of influences shaped Covert’s appreciation for diversity and would greatly impact his creative expression.


Covert’s career took a pivotal turn when he crossed paths with Adam Sandler. From that point on, he became involved in almost every film and comedy album released by Sandler, taking on roles as a producer, writer, performer, or a combination of these. His journey began with a small but memorable role as a cruise ship bartender in Sandler’s debut film “Going Overboard” back in 1989. Throughout the early 1990s, Covert made appearances in various films and TV shows, including “Roseanne,” “Ferris Bueller,” “The Ben Stiller Show,” “Airheads,” and “Saturday Night Live.” In 1995, he played Kenny in the film “Heavyweights” and made brief appearances in Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore” and “Bulletproof.” By 1996, Covert took on the roles of writer and producer for Sandler’s music video, “Adam Sandler: Steve Polychonopolous.” In 1998, he landed a more prominent on-screen role alongside Sandler and Drew Barrymore in “The Wedding Singer.” That same year, he portrayed Walter in “The Waterboy.” Throughout 1999, Covert was involved in multiple productions such as “Never Been Kissed,” “Late Last Night,” “Big Daddy,” “The Peeper,” “Freaks and Geeks,” “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo,” and “The Peeper,” often contributing as a writer or producer. Additionally, he worked as a writer for the “Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler” special.

In 2000, Covert underwent a physical transformation, gaining 50 pounds for his role as Todd in Sandler’s film “Little Nicky.” He also served as an associate producer for the movie. The following year, he appeared in the series “Undeclared.” In 2002, he had a role in and produced “Mr. Deeds,” and he played a part in, co-wrote, and produced “Eight Crazy Nights.” Covert took on the role of executive producer for the film “Anger Management” in 2003, while also portraying the character Andrew.Covert’s collaboration with Adam Sandler has been a defining aspect of his career, leading him to take on multifaceted roles across numerous projects.

Full NameAllen Covert
Date of BirthOctober 13, 1964
Place of BirthWest Palm Beach, Florida, United States
OccupationActor, comedian, writer, producer
Known forFrequent collaborations with Adam Sandler in comedy films
Film Debut“Going Overboard” (1989)
Popular Films“Happy Gilmore,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Big Daddy”
Production CompanyCo-founder of Happy Madison Productions with Adam Sandler
Other VenturesCo-writer and producer of several Adam Sandler films
Social Media PresenceTwitter: @THATAllenCovert

Educational Pursuits and Formative Years

Following his graduation from high school, Covert embarked on an exciting new chapter in his life by enrolling in New York University’s prestigious theater program. Immersed in a vibrant community of aspiring artists, Covert thrived in the lively atmosphere that surrounded him. It was during this time that fate would intervene, as he crossed paths with a fellow student who would forever alter the course of his career—Adam Sandler.

Allen Covert net worth, Weight, Wife, Bio-Wiki, Kids, Age 2023

The Birth of a Profound Partnership

What began as a friendship quickly blossomed into a powerful creative partnership that would redefine the landscape of comedy. Covert and Sandler shared a genuine camaraderie, a shared sense of humor, and an unyielding passion for their craft. Together, they embarked on a series of unforgettable collaborations that showcased their remarkable chemistry and comedic genius. Their partnership breathed life into beloved films such as “Happy Gilmore,” “Big Daddy,” and “The Wedding Singer,” catapulting both Covert and Sandler into the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Beyond the Spotlight: Covert’s Versatility

While Covert may be best known for his on-screen presence alongside Sandler, his talents extend far beyond acting. He has demonstrated his versatility by assuming various roles behind the scenes, including producing and writing for a multitude of projects. This multifaceted approach to entertainment has allowed Covert to showcase his creativity and contribute significantly to the success of numerous comedic endeavors.

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Wife and Personal Life

In February 2006, Covert embarked on a lifelong journey of companionship as he exchanged vows with Kathryn Ashley Hagstrom. For more than ten years, their union thrived, until July 2019 when Hagstrom initiated divorce proceedings. The legal dissolution of their marriage reached its conclusion in November of the same year.

Fine points

In addition to his collaborations with Sandler, Adam Sandler also showcased his acting skills in two noteworthy films: “Never Been Kissed” and “Late Last Night.” These movies provided a refreshing departure from his usual on-screen partnerships.


In a harmonious blend of Jewish and Southern Baptist roots, his journey began in the sunny city of West Palm Beach, Florida. An embodiment of cultural diversity, he emerged as a unique individual destined to leave an indelible mark on the world. Accompanied by his beloved partner, Kathryn, he traversed across the vibrant landscapes of California, where his creative prowess flourished through his collaboration with the esteemed Happy Madison Productions.

Social Media Profiles

IMDb: Allen Covert


Facebook: Allen Covert Official

Favourites of Allen Covert

Top Hobbies: Gaming and Artistry

Dream Destination: Enchanting France

Delightful Delicacy: Chicken Rice

Captivating Color: Mesmerizing Blue

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Allen Covert is a successful Hollywood star, and he has a beautiful home in Calabasas, California. He purchased the 10,000-square-foot mansion for $7.4 million in 2016. The house features seven bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, a movie theater, a gym, and a guest house.


Allen Covert, an esteemed individual in the entertainment industry, possesses a captivating and distinctive flair that distinguishes him from his peers. With his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication, Covert has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of film and television.Covert’s artistic journey commenced with his involvement in various comedy troupes, where he honed his comedic prowess and cultivated a unique comedic style that transcends conventional boundaries. This enigmatic persona propelled him towards the realm of filmmaking, where he swiftly made his mark.

Noteworthy among his accomplishments is his portrayal of endearing and relatable characters, which has endeared him to countless fans. Through his exceptional range and versatility, Covert has breathed life into an array of memorable personas, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.Beyond his on-screen contributions, Covert has also exhibited his proficiency behind the scenes as a producer, further showcasing his multifaceted talent. With an astute understanding of the industry, he has successfully helmed several projects, orchestrating their creation with meticulous precision and finesse.Covert’s resolute commitment to his craft, combined with his unparalleled creativity, has solidified his position as a revered figure within the entertainment world. His work continues to inspire and entertain audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating his future endeavors.In essence, Allen Covert’s illustrious career is a testament to his undeniable talent and unwavering dedication. Through his unique style and extraordinary contributions, he has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, etching his name among the most influential and revered figures of our time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Allen Covert and Adam Sandler cross paths?

The fateful encounter between Allen Covert and Adam Sandler unfolded amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the late 1980s set of the iconic television series, “The Cosby Show.” As destiny would have it, this meeting ignited the sparks of a profound camaraderie, ultimately inspiring a collaborative journey through numerous ventures encompassing the realms of film and television.

What is the magnitude of Happy Madison Productions’ financial success?

Happy Madison Productions, a creative powerhouse since its establishment in 1999, has ascended to staggering heights in terms of financial prosperity. With a resounding echo of triumph, the esteemed production company has amassed a colossal fortune exceeding a remarkable $3.5 billion at the illustrious box office. This awe-inspiring achievement can be attributed to their repertoire of beloved films, including the uproarious hits “Grown Ups,” “Click,” and “The Waterboy.”

Which silver screen endeavor stands as Allen Covert’s crowning achievement?

While Allen Covert’s career is adorned with a multitude of noteworthy performances, one particular film reigns supreme as his magnum opus. Behold, “Happy Gilmore,” a comedic masterpiece that left an indelible mark on cinema. Garnering an impressive box office revenue of $41.2 million, this iconic gem has transcended time, solidifying its status as a cherished cult classic.

How prolific is Allen Covert’s presence in the film industry?

The illustrious tapestry of Allen Covert’s career spans over 40 captivating films, each showcasing his undeniable talent and knack for inducing laughter. From the sidesplitting hilarity of “Grandma’s Boy” to the heartwarming charm of “The Wedding Singer” and the devilish antics in “Little Nicky,” Covert’s multifaceted performances have solidified his reputation as an esteemed actor in the entertainment realm.

Has Allen Covert been adorned with accolades for his theatrical prowess?

Although Allen Covert’s acting prowess has captivated audiences worldwide, the coveted accolades have eluded his grasp thus far. Nevertheless, his unparalleled comedic brilliance and invaluable contributions to the entertainment industry have earned him widespread acclaim and admiration.

What is the state of Allen Covert’s well-being?

Regrettably, no definitive information regarding Allen Covert’s health has surfaced. However, based on his enduring presence in the industry and relentless dedication to his craft, it can be inferred that Covert is in robust health, tirelessly pursuing his creative endeavors with unwavering passion.

Beyond the realm of cinema, what other creative ventures has Allen Covert embarked upon?

Allen Covert’s artistic endeavors transcend the silver screen, extending their reach into various artistic domains. A master of his craft, Covert has ventured into the realms of television, crafting captivating narratives as a writer and producer for acclaimed shows like “The Goldberg’s” and “Rules of Engagement.” Furthermore, he has left an indelible mark in the world of video games, lending his expertise to the renowned “Call of Duty” franchise, a testament to his boundless creative spirit.

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